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Meet Mellowood Medical, The Team behind the fertility industry’s leading EMR and integration technologies

Who We Are

Mellowood Medical is a fertility industry dedicated software organization: Over 20 years' experience within leading fertility centres. The team is made up of IT Professionals, Staff Embryologists, and our Scientific Advisory Board includes Nobel Prize Winning institutions and MSOs. We have developed the robust electronic medical record software, IDEAS, that has become the industry standard platform in fertility clinics across the globe.

Our client base includes the World's First IVF clinic, and 'Top 10' Academic and Private centers across Europe, Asia and The Americas.

We can help your clinic excel too!

What We Do

We create fertility clinic specialized software and device interfaces that will improve your clinics' efficiencies, resulting in improved success rates and increased profits. Mellowood Medical's specialist and industry expertise have enabled us to build cutting-edge products from the ground up.

Our innovative technology is under continuous development to ensure that our clinics have the most streamlined operations possible. For our multi-language and multi-registry system, we provide around-the-clock support to our clients, and can meet a multitude of needs by offering customized solutions as well.

Our Technology

IDEAS provides a holistic view of your entire fertility practice and encompasses all stakeholders in one software, including Patient, Physicians, IVF Lab (Embryology/Andrology), Nurses, Administrators and Financial Team.

Our products enable you to track, analyze and measure your clinical and lab processes with cost-effectiveness and security. Our software's one-click protocols enable ease of operation across our integrated platform. Mellowood Medical's interfaces increase clinic efficiency with direct and bidirectional integration of shared data in a matter of seconds. And we've built in registry integration to guarantee the accuracy of obligatory government reporting, without requiring any supplementary system.

Clinics with older systems can conveniently and comprehensively convert to our technology. No other fertility software organization has more experience in cost-effectively migrating outdated database, EMR and cryogenic tables than Mellowood Medical. We have significant experience with EHR implementations. We do it all.

World Wide Team

Our team is worldwide to support our worldwide clients.

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Get In Touch

Want to learn more? We'd love to talk to you about how you can use IDEAS clinic software at your clinic. Also let us introduce you to our IDEAS Ecosystem where we can integrate your ultrasound, immunoassay and witnessing machines into IDEAS.

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