IDEAS Patient Mobile App and Web Portal

A Better Patient Experience


Build Secure Relationships With Patients

Improve the effectiveness of your team by extending IDEAS EMR to connect with your patients.

Patient Details

Enable your patients to keep their contact details up to date through the Mobile App or Web Portal.


Secure Document Sharing

Publish essential documents using IDEAS EMR for the patient to download using the Mobile App or Web Portal.

Lab Results

Pathology and blood test reporting can be shared with your patients.


Medical Records

Send standard or one-off forms to patients to complete and submit directly into IDEAS via the Mobile App or Web Portal

Improve Patient Experience with Real-Time Live Chat

Real-time communication improves the clinic staff and patient experience. Feature offers three channels of communication: Clinic Staff to Patient, Patient to Clinic and Staff to Staff.


Secure Online Payments

Allow your patients to make secure payments, print receipts and keep the ledger card up to date in IDEAS EMR.

Treatment Calendar

The Patient Portal Calendar allows patients to track important events, resulting in decreased appointment no-shows and missed drug intakes.  Fully integrated with IDEAS EMR, the calendar shows medication information as well as drug intake and appointment reminders.


Reminders via Web Push Notification

Send your patients Web Push Notifications (messages that pop up on screen even if the mobile or desktop apps are not open).  This is an effective way to prompt patient action while saving on SMS fees.

Content Management

The Easy-to-use text editor allows frequent updates to Clinic News, Resources and Frequently Asked Questions to keep you patients informed.



Make a memorable impression by customizing the app and portal to match your brand.

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