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Conceive with IDEAS EMR

IDEAS is a unique event-based Fertility clinic management software incorporating dynamic treatment and lab plans for real-time use in clinics and laboratories. IDEAS offers a complete medical solution, comprising a holistic integration of all of your practice's needs, from the patient experience, through your administrators and nurses, to your doctors, embryologists and lab technicians.

IDEAS Patient Portal

Improving your Patient Experience

The IDEAS Patient Portal App provides secure patient access to their patient records (based on User Rights set by the clinic). The Portal is designed to seamlessly share pieces of the patient record with the patient so that routine interaction between the patient/clinic is optimized.

IDEAS Patient Portal App features include: patient dashboard, bi-directional secure messaging between patient and clinic (including allowing patient upload documents), access to their patient treatment calendar (drug reminders, upcoming appointments), lab results, documents and Forms (patient can fill out their own forms online). In addition, patients can now pay their invoices from the clinic online in the comfort of their own home.

The IDEAS Patient Portal App is mobile device/smartphone agnostic and is available in multiple languages including English, German, Polish, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and simplified Chinese. Don't see a language your patients want, let us know we will add it.

IDEAS Clinical Portal

An App for Dr's on the Go

Doctors can easily plan treatment plans, sign off and authorize protocols, produce electronic orders and send them templated to other departments and teams, review patient charts, review and update progress notes and view their calendars.

Our Physician Portal is dynamic and interactive cycle summaries can be viewed with anatomical imaging and data visualization. Integrated data analytics for patients and the clinic overall provide a detailed and holistic view of your work while on the "Go".

Easy data entry with built-in tools including voice recognition integration.

- Cincinnati, Ohio

IDEAS Lab Plan Portal

World's First Touch Enabled Embryology Lab Plan

IDEAS Lab Plan Portal

Real-Time Process Driven Lab Management designed for Real-Time data entry in the Lab.

The Lab Plan Portal with optimize your ART Lab workflow and includes an 'Airport Departure Board' view of all scheduled lab procedures. The time windows indicate when lab procedures are to be performed and alert when time is running out or a task is overdue.

Optimized for touchscreens, this portal comes equipped with a sleek interface and user-friendly dashboard, enabling you to plan, customize and update information.

Customized Fertility Solutions

We may already have the perfect solution for you and your clinic. Find out how we can streamline your fertility practice with fully customized solution for your clinic.

Our Interfaces

Our devices include a medical management module, a lab quality management system, a user-friendly patient portal, and administrative tools. We engineer equipment interfaces and offer customized services to clinics.

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Want to learn more? We'd love to talk to you about how you can use IDEAS clinic software at your clinic. Also let us introduce you to our IDEAS Ecosystem where we can integrate your ultrasound, immunoassay and witnessing machines into IDEAS.

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