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Our electronic medical record software, IDEAS, provides a holistic view of your entire fertility practice, with all data in one place for convenient and secure analytics. IDEAS incorporates consistent application of treatment plans, drug protocols, and checklists and changes in 'one-click'. The system facilitates a robust audit trail and access rights, and has the capability to convert your legacy systems into modern enterprise-class software.

IDEAS Patient Portal can be integrated as a white-label solution, enabling you to create a seamless user and patient experience with your clinic's own branding.

We offer support around the clock, while our powerful EMR connects and interfaces to machines, processes, and users to improve efficiency and your practice's bottom line.

And You Own Your Data: No Shenanigans of unknown back-door data mining.

Integrated Products

Our software includes a 'one world view of patient treatment cycle', medical management module including progress notes, a lab-quality management module, an e-prescription module, an administration module including scheduling, a billing module, and a user-friendly patient portal with administrative tools.

We also engineer equipment interfaces and offer customized services to clinics, ask us how.

The IDEAS Ecosystem

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Our state-of-the-art Reproductive Centre Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software is built on more than 20 years of experience, it's used in more than 10 countries and over 100 clinics worldwide.

This is an EMR that empowers the stakeholders in your IVF clinic, to work efficiently and cohesively together. Our technology unites every stage of the IVF process, keeping everything organized and everyone informed.

  • Patients: The IDEAS patient portal allows patients to be fully engaged in their treatment, with a secure, multi-language and smartphone-friendly application.

  • Administrators: Upload of required data to world registers (BORN, BELRAP, HFEA, NPSU, SART, REDLARA and more). Easy patient registration, scheduling with rosters (resource/patient based) views. Create encounters and patient invoices for services rendered in one go. Track invoices, including cryobilling, using IDEAS ledger card and funding sources.

  • IVF Labs: Quality management and LPIs track consumbles and media against outcomes. Touch-enabled embryo scoring and tracking of eggs down to individual egg/oocyte. Chain of custody cryostorage module links andrology and emryology freeze events, realtime.

  • Physicians: Management module for quick summary of all patients treatment status. User difinable progress notes follow your style of entry. Data analytics including pregnancy rates, revenue per cycle, etc., with out-the-box KPIs (customizable).

  • Clinical: One-click calendaring (patient portal in real time). Customizable progress note templates per patient. Easy orders and task creation, alerts, allergies, partner relations and cryo inventory in one view. Documents and consents easily scanned to patient file.

Streamlined Technology for your Clinic

Interface with clinic and lab machines and administration and accounting tools to make your clinic more efficient.

We interface to Ultrasound, Immunoassay, Witness, CASA and Time Lapse machines as we all as Consenting platforms. We also interface with third-party genetic and pathology labs for automatic transfer into patient records.

Nested within a hospital? We've got you covered with interfaces to hospital systems for scheduling, billing, demographics, pathology etc (including Cerner and Epic).

What Clinics Are Saying

We love the IDEAS patient portal app. It saves time, money and bits of paper don't get lost

- Glasgow, Scotland

Easy data entry with built-in tools including voice recognition integration

- Cincinnati, USA

Lab Directors worldwide choose IDEAS for Superior ergonomic data entry and analysis

- San Francisco, USA

We have effectively eliminated our old paper chart since adopting IDEAS, result in improved Clinic efficiencies

- London, UK

The implementation of IDEAS has resulted in decreased overtime expenses, manual documentation, multiple system data entry, cylce monitoring report delays and time devoted to FDA and SART compliance. Most importantly, the solution has decreased physicians' clinical preparation time, enabling the clinic to see additional patients

- Houston, USA

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